A dragonfly, Hemianax papuensis.

A dragonfly, Hemianax papuensis.

Invertebrate systematics

CSIRO Entomology is helping to ensure the preservation and sustainable use of Australian ecosystems.

  • 5 February 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011


Our research focuses on characterising the identity and relationships of the Australian fauna and seeking to interpret its evolutionary origins using systematics, taxonomy and molecular biology. We are developing novel approaches to deliver the knowledge required for biodiversity conservation.

We are involved in research on:

  • documenting the Australian invertebrate fauna
  • establishing evolutionary relationships and predictive classifications
  • delivering biodiversity information for conservation, planning and management
  • providing world class management of the Australian National Insect Collection.

Current activities

The Australian National Insect Collection is involved in a range of research activities and projects:

AustralianNationalInsectCollection Ento Teaser

The Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) is the pre-eminent collection of our insects including mites, spiders, worms and centipedes, and is an invaluable resource maintained by CSIRO.

Ladybirds of Australia

The website provides an overview of all ladybirds in Australia, and includes information about their biology, distribution, identification and images.

Biodiversity in CSIRO Entomology

A knowledge of Australia’s invertebrate biodiversity is fundamental to managing our ecosystems, both natural and man made.

On The Fly: the interactive atlas and key to Australian fly families

On The Fly is an interactive key to Australian fly families, including illustrations for character states and live images of representative species, taxon information for each family, and information on diversity, biology, ecology and pest status.

Building an online encyclopaedia of Aussie life

The current Deputy Director for Informatics at the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) in Copenhagen, Donald Hobern, has been appointed as the inaugural Director of the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) – a web-based encyclopaedia of Australian life.

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