Dr Matthew Inman, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems Urbban Systems program leader.

Dr Matthew Inman, researcher - Urban Systems Program

Dr Matthew Inman: research to improve urban sustainability

Improving the sustainability of urban development through planning, design and technology that reduces impact and increases liveability is a key research priority for Dr Matthew Inman.

  • 25 January 2011 | Updated 10 October 2012

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Current activities

Dr Matthew Inman works with the CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences Urban Systems Program.

The Program is exploring planning and design principles, as well as developing new generation technologies and integrated infrastructure solutions to reduce the environmental impact of cities and create healthier, more productive urban living and working spaces.  The Urban Systems Program undertakes research with the Climate Adaptation, Energy Transformed and Water for a Healthy Country Flagships.  

Key projects with the Climate Adaptation Flagship:

  • Matthew leads the Climate Adaptation Through Sustainable Urban Development project as part of CSIRO’s Research for Development Alliance with AusAID.  This project has two case study sites – Makassar in Indonesia and Can Tho in Vietnam – and the work is focused on integrating climate change science and adaptation planning into broader urban development processes within these two cities.  The project is using the water sector to demonstrate these new approaches and the findings will be used by AusAID to support decision making for infrastructure investment in the future.
  • Matthew is also involved in several projects focused on modelling, mapping and responding to coastal inundation.  These projects have involved partnerships with coastal councils in NSW including the Sydney and Central Coast regions


Joining CSIRO in 2005, Dr Inman led the Water Smart Communities research within the Water for a Healthy Country Flagship.  Much of this research activity focused on water efficiency and planning for the future water requirements of cities – taking into account climate change, demographic change and other key drivers of demand.  

From 2007 to 2010, Dr Inman led CSIRO’s Urban Systems Program, a research team focused on the sustainability of cities.  Research staff within the Program were based in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and developed leading research across the energy, water and climate domains.  

Prior to joining CSIRO, Dr Inman undertook projects on resource efficiency in the context of water and energy use within cities.

  • Working as a Demand Analyst with Sydney Water, Dr Inman developed decision support tools for managing the demand/supply balance for major urban centres.  The End Use Model developed by Dr Inman was adopted by the Water Services Association of Australia for use by members from across the country.
  • Dr Inman has also consulted for organisations in the United Kingdom (including the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University) on projects addressing efficient use of water and energy by households.

Academic qualifications

Dr Inman's formal qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Technology from Macquarie University, New South Wales (NSW), Australia
  • Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours from Macquarie University
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Chemistry from The University of Sydney, NSW.


Dr Inman's key achievements include:

  • Leading a large, multi-disciplinary research project addressing urban sustainability challenges in Asian cities as part of the AusAID-CSIRO Research for Development Alliance. 
  • Managing CSIRO’s Urban System Program through a transition to support the Climate Adaptation Flagship with urban research skills and expertise.
  • Leading the development of a water end use model (while at Sydney Water) that was adopted by the Water Services Association of Australia.  CSIRO, in collaboration with other research partners, has subsequently developed the modelling approach in five other major Australian urban centres. 

Other areas of Dr Inman's involvement include:

  • Member – Australian Water Association
  • Member – AURIN Technical Committee (Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network)
  • Member – Australian Government Built Environment Industry Innovation Council (2008-2010)

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