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Complex interactions are examined in Social and Economic Sciences.

Social and Economic Sciences Research Program

CSIRO is helping to find solutions to natural resource management and sustainability challenges through social and economic research.

  • 17 February 2010 | Updated 16 October 2013


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Research focus

The Social and Economic Sciences Program considers the complex interaction of social, economic and political factors in environmental research.

We investigate social factors, groups and organisations interact with the environment and are shaped by institutional arrangements.

We focus on social, behavioural, economic and institutional research that informs natural resource management policy, decision making and the design of environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially desirable solutions.

Our research investigates processes of global environmental change and globalisation in environmental research areas such as:

  • natural resource management
  • agricultural sustainability
  • climate change, mitigation and adaptation
  • water management
  • international development
  • mining and regional development
  • coastal and marine management
  • urban planning and sustainable urban metabolism
  • population, consumption and the green economy.