Aerial shot of Darling and Murray Rivers meeting at Wentworth, NSW/VIC border. Copyright Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

Our research helps predict climate, land use and development impacts on catchment water yield and streamflow characteristics.

Surface Water Hydrology

Our research in hydrological modelling and predicting climate, land use and development impacts on water, guides water resources management and planning.

  • 16 February 2011 | Updated 18 September 2012


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Australia’s water resources are coming under increasing demands from an expanding urban population, irrigation and industrial water use, and to maintain sustainable ecosystems.

Future water resources in southern Australia are also likely to decrease due to climate change, development drivers such as farm dams and plantations, and groundwater extractions.

We have the largest group of surface water hydrologists in Australia.

Our research advances hydrological science by developing integrated models that improve the quantification and forecasting of water fluxes (and the impact of climate, land use and development) to underpin management of increasingly scarce water resources from farm to basin scale.

This is achieved through analysis and interpretation of climate, streamflow, land use, remotely-sensed and other data. Hydrological processes are characterised over different time and spatial scales, and this is used to build predictive hydrological models.

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