Dr Ming Feng, Senior Research Scientist

Dr Ming Feng, Senior Research Scientist

Dr Ming Feng: researching climate, predictability and impacts in the Indian Ocean

Dr Ming Feng studies climate processes in the Indian Ocean and their impacts on marine environments. He also leads Node 2 for the Western Australia Marine Science Institute.

  • 23 March 2010 | Updated 22 February 2013

Current activities

Dr Ming Feng's research activities include:

  • interannual variability and decadal trends of the Leeuwin Current
  • biophysical coupling in the Leeuwin Current and its eddy field
  • nutrient budget in the Leeuwin Current and on the shelf off the west coast of Western Australia (WA) and impacts of climate change on marine systems in WA
  • connectivity and fisheries recruitments off the WA coasts
  • Southern Surveyor voyages and the Global Ocean Observing System in the Indian Ocean.


Dr Feng joined the CSIRO multi-disciplinary research team in WA in 2001.

Dr Feng was the Node 2 leader for the Western Australia Marine Science Institute on climate processes, predictability and impacts in a warming Indian Ocean during 2008–2011. He has also served on the World Climate Research Programme CLIVAR Indian Ocean Panel since 2008.

His research career has focused on:

  • climate variability and change in the Pacific and Indian Oceans
  • boundary current and eddy dynamics, especially the Leeuwin Current system
  • biophysical coupling and fisheries connectivity
  • upper ocean heat, freshwater, and nutrient balances.

Academic qualifications

Dr Feng has been awarded a:

  • Bachelor of Mathematics and Engineering from Beijing University, China
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Oceanography from a collaborative program with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Hawaii, US.


Dr Feng has published more than 40 journal articles, mostly on climate variability and climate change in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

He has been the recipient of the following honours:

  • CSIRO Julius Travel Award during 2008–11
  • CSIRO Look Out!!! Award as part of the Climate Change in Australia Team in 2008
  • CSIRO Go for Growth team award for Strategic Research Fund for Marine Environment in 2006.

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