Dual-purpose Cropping in the High Rainfall Zone

The Team

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The dual-purpose cropping team, co-led by Drs John Kirkegaard and Hugh Dove, comprises crop and pasture agronomists, plant pathologists, grazing animal scientists, crop physiologists, simulation modellers and systems analysts as well as PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists.

Drs Hugh Dove and John Kirkegaard in their field experiment in Canberra

Collaborating closely with industry stakeholders the team has generated flexible, low-risk options and best management guidelines to increase the productivity and sustainability of mixed farming systems in Australia.


   Dr John Kirkegaard
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Dr Hugh Dove
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Dr Susie Sprague
CSIRO Plant Industry 
   Dr Walter Kelman
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Mr John Graham
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Mr Scott McDonald
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Dr Julianne Lilley
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Dr Andrew Moore
CSIRO Plant Industry
  Dr Lindsay Bell
CSIRO Ecosystems Sciences
   Dr Guy McMullen
NSW Dept of Primary Industries
   Dr Matthew Harrison
CSIRO Plant Industry
   Dr Jeff McCormick
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
   Dr Malcolm Morrison
Agri-Food, Canada
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