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Tropical rainforest revenge for a warming planet (Podcast 29 Jul 2013)

Rising temperatures have a corresponding increase in the release of carbon dioxide from tropical forest and ocean ecosystems, according to a new study from NASA and CSIRO.

Climate change: what do you think others think? (Podcast 16 Nov 2012)

Humans generally find it difficult to judge how widespread their own and others’ opinions are, and when it comes to climate change, grossly overestimate the numbers of people who reject its existence. (8:15)

Taking steps towards sustainability (Podcast 09 Nov 2012)

Sustainable development is vital for the future of humanity and our planet, and at the forefront of both the scientific and political debate is the concept of Sustainable Development Goals. (9:10)

Unnatural disaster for Australia’s ecosystems (Podcast 17 Sep 2012)

A landmark study by CSIRO has found that climate change will lead to major ecological impacts across Australia, and recommends a review of the management of national biodiversity conservation and protected areas. (09:45)

Come rain or shine: south-east climate changing (Podcast 13 Sep 2012)

Over the past six years, the South Eastern Australian Climate Initiative (SEACI) has improved our understanding of climate variability and change in south-eastern Australia.

Climate change and the greenhouse gas factor (Podcast 28 Aug 2012)

Rising CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels has affected global temperature much more than natural climate variability during the past century.

Science in support of Rio+20 (Podcast 14 May 2012)

In March 2012, the Planet Under Pressure conference brought together 3000 leading experts– including CSIRO scientists– to provide scientific leadership for the upcoming UN Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20. (10:01)

Giant water wall discovered riding the ocean currents (Podcast 14 Mar 2012)

Deep-diving ocean 'gliders' have revealed a 200-metre tall, 40 kilometre wide wall of undiluted Bass Strait water travelling hundreds of kilometres to the Indian Ocean.

The planet's under pressure (Podcast 07 Mar 2012)

In the lead up to the 2012 United Nations (UN) Conference on Sustainable Development - Rio+20, a contingent of CSIRO scientists will join international colleagues at the London Planet Under Pressure conference to discuss the risks humanity is facing from global change. (10:54)

Food fight: Scientists vs. Climate change (Podcast 10 Feb 2012)

A major transformation in the food system is required if we are to address future threats to food security says CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark. (9:41)

Climate change is hot on the tail of fish (Podcast 12 Dec 2011)

Marine life may need to relocate faster than land species as a result of climate warming, according to new research published in 'Science'. (7:49)

Climate change is putting fish in hot water (Podcast 03 Jun 2011)

Australian scientists have reported the first known detrimental impact of southern hemisphere ocean warming on a fish species. (10:30)

Climate by nature impacts biology (Podcast 28 Apr 2011)

Biologists have been advised not to over-commit time and effort establishing broader climate change links to local ecological impacts. (8:44)

Farmers versus famine: tackling global food insecurity (Podcast 12 Apr 2011)

CSIRO is working with farmers and government departments to research practical options to respond and adapt to climate change. (5:08)

Staying healthy under climate change: a long-term prescription (Podcast 06 Apr 2011)

Protecting urban Australians from a range of health risks associated with global warming is the focus of a new research cluster that will investigate health issues ranging from the spread of mosquito-borne diseases to heat stress, air pollution and food security. (10:51)

Fish farmers out to scale climate change (Podcast 24 Feb 2011)

Marine scientists are trialling the first near-shore water temperature forecasts to assist Australia’s aquaculture farm managers contending with rising ocean temperatures. (6:53)

Warming waters increases invasive range of northern fish (Podcast 01 Oct 2010)

Scientists are reporting significant changes in the distribution of coastal fish species in south-east Australia which they say are partly due to climate change. (4:53)

The nature of money: how to save more biodiversity (Podcast 12 Jul 2010)

A rethink on protected land and water areas could ultimately save much more biodiversity for the same amount of money, according to a new paper in the scientific journal Nature. (6:06)

Bringing home the benefits of smart metering (Podcast 24 May 2010)

A new web-based smart metering system has been developed by CSIRO to enable householders, small businesses and electricity retailers to remotely manage energy use over a broadband Internet connection. (4:56)

Coastal decision makers get the right advice (Podcast 14 May 2010)

A new collaboration aimed at translating science into practical applications for adapting to climate change, population growth and other coastal pressures will help decision makers better manage the Australian coast into the future. (4:33)

The how-to of adapting agriculture to climate change (Podcast 03 Mar 2010)

As climate change becomes a reality in Australia, a team of experts, including scientists from CSIRO, have published a book containing solid information to help farmers adapt to growing food under changed conditions. (5:31)

Marine report card provides a benchmark for climate impacts (Vodcast 27 Nov 09) (Podcast 27 Nov 2009)

The first-ever Australian benchmark of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and options for adaptation is the work of more than 70 marine scientists. (4:23)

Feeding the world without starving the planet (Podcast 15 Oct 2009)

With an increasing world population, a new 21st century 'agricultural revolution' will be needed to meet demand for food and fibre in the face of significant land, water, energy and climate constraints. (5:49)

Adapting to climate change: managing climate risk for farm and food (Podcast 14 Oct 2009)

With climate change complicating the agriculture and food production picture there will be winners and losers across the globe. (4:37)

Scientists draw a line in the sand on climate change (Podcast 28 Sep 2009)

CSIRO has contributed to a new approach to help safeguard the world from dangerous levels of climate change and other global environmental threats through the setting of planetary boundaries. (9:25)

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