Marine Climate Impacts and Adaptation

Students and collaborators

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The Marine Climate Impacts and Adaptation (MCIA) stream works in collaboration with several researchers and runs an active program of student supervision.

Read about the students and their research.

Dr Tom Okey
Pew Fellow in Marine Conservation; Scientist-in-Residence, Bamfield Marine Science Centre; Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria School of Environmental Studies; Science Director, Conservation Science Institute.

Chris J Brown
PhD Student
Integrating climate and ecosystem models to predict climate change impacts on Australian marine systems.

Scott Burgess
PhD Student
Climate impacts on effective population connectivity.

Jennifer M Donelson
PhD Student
Climate change and the future for coral reef fishes: impacts and adaptation.

Lucy Robinson
PhD Student
Predicting shifts in marine fish species distributions in response to climate change.

Jessica Stella
PhD Student
Threats to the biodiversity of coral infauna via habitat loss and ocean acidification due to climate change.

Past student

Anne Elise Neiblas [external link]
PhD Student
Climate-driven changes in upwelling around Australia: potential impacts on regional productivity and marine fisheries.