Dr Jacek Jasieniak sprinkles 20 billion 'quantam dots' into a glowing ink.

Dr Jacek Jasieniak sprinkles 20 billion 'quantam dots' into a glowing ink.

Our people

Our vibrant, multi-disciplinary Flexible Electronics team draws upon the specialised skills of scientists from a range of areas.

  • 3 May 2012 | Updated 14 March 2013

The Flexible Electronics theme employs the skills of a multidisciplinary team of scientists, with expertise including:

  • Specialist polymer synthesis
  • Electro-conductivity
  • Nanotechnology
  • Synthesis of small organic molecules.

Read about key members of our team in the profiles below.

Dr Gerard Wilson: transforming industry through high performance polymers

Dr Gerard Wilson currently heads CSIRO's research into flexible electronics in the Future Manufacturing Flagship and his research will impact the energy and electronics devices industries by developing the next generation of flexible electronics.

Dr Geoff Houston

Dr Geoff Houston undertakes commercial activities for the CSIRO flexible electronics portfolio, promoting the technologies to commercial partners across the globe.

Dr Scott Watkins: developing next generation low-cost solar cells of the future

Dr Scott Watkins is applying CSIRO's world-class understanding of polymer science to create new electroactive materials for the next generation of plastic electronics and energy devices.

Dr Kevin Winzenberg: synthesising organic semiconductors for high efficiency solar cells

Dr Kevin Winzenberg researches development of small organic molecules for use as semiconductors in electronic devices such as solar cells and transistors.

Dr Jacek Jasieniak: researching nanoparticle inks for high performance printed solar cells

Dr Jasieniak leads research to develop inorganic nanoparticle inks for manufacture of high performance printed solar cells.

Dr Fiona Scholes - investigating the internal function of solar cells

Dr Fiona Scholes is helping to bring printed solar cells to reality by improving the function of their interior interfaces.

Michelle Groarke: developing new luminescent materials for electronic displays and lighting

Dr Michelle Groake is an organic chemist synthesising novel organic light-emitting compounds for use in display and lighting applications.

Dr Mark Bown

Dr Mark Bown is an organometallic chemist who leads CSIRO’s Integrated Plastic Electronics group in developing materials and devices for the next generation of displays and lighting.

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