A CSIRO scientist and some farmers talking in a field.

Partnering with the Sustainable Agriculture Flagship

CSIRO's Sustainable Agriculture Flagship is developing new collaborations in solution based science with other researchers, industry and government.

  • 4 June 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011

The Sustainable Agriculture Flagship draws on the skills of scientists from many different agricultural, biophysical, economic and social disciplines. 

We collaborate with a range of organisations in two ways:

Diagram showing how CSIRO's Sustainable Agriculture Flagship partners and collaborates.


Our research teams are based in all States and Territories, including CSIRO’s regional laboratories.

Partnering for impact with CSIRO

CSIRO engages in a variety of co-investments, from one-off projects to 15+ year strategic partnerships.

These collaborations enable our partners to achieve a wide variety of benefits through the application of jointly developed research activities. 

Find out more about Our approach to partnering and co-investment.

CSIRO’s collaboration fund

The Flagship Collaboration Fund includes a contestable collaborative research program (which offers funding for Flagship clusters and projects), visiting fellowships and postgraduate scholarships.

Read more about the Flagship Collaboration Fund overview.

Partnership examples

Facing Africa's food security challenges

Increasing the productivity of Africa’s agricultural systems is one of the most significant challenges facing global agriculture. CSIRO is working with African scientists and institutions to help African’s develop long term solutions.

Australia's National Carbon Accounting System Leads the World

The Department of Climate Change, CSIRO and the Australian National University have jointly developed a world-leading National Carbon Accounting System that won the 2008 Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Environmental Research.

Researching water use efficiency for increased grain yield

CSIRO and research partners working on the National Water Use Efficiency (WUE) Initiative have identified ways to improve yield through better WUE, in some cases by as much as 91 per cent.

The Soil Carbon Research Program: assessing soil carbon across Australia

The first nationally coordinated program of soil carbon research has gathered a wealth of information on soil carbon stocks that will underpin Australia’s greenhouse gas accounting, carbon farming and sustainable agriculture.

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