The Boom and Bust: Bird Stories for a Dry Country book cover.

Publications & Resources

The breadth of knowledge of the Australian National Wildlife Collection staff has enabled the production of many influential reference works

The Directory of Australian Birds Volume 1

The first volume of the Australian National Wildlife Collection's Directory of Australian Birds is the most extensive catalogue of Australia's passerine bird species.

Body Weights and Egg Dimensions of Australian Parrots

This 136-page publication was compiled by Denis A Saunders for CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems between 1980 and 1987. It contains a considerable body of data on body weights and egg dimensions of Australian parrots collected and collated during a major research program on the ecology of Australian cockatoos.

CSIRO list of Australian vertebrates: a reference with conservation status

An indispensable reference for all people working with and publishing on Australia’s vertebrate fauna.

Donating specimens to the Australian National Wildlife Collection

The Australian National Wildlife Collection (ANWC) accepts donations of specimens, such as deceased wildlife, from members of the public.

Birds of the Australian National Wildlife Collection website

The Birds of the ANWC website features information on 40 Australian birds, including where they live and recordings of their songs.