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Australian Tree Seed Centre

The Australian Tree Seed Centre (ATSC) is a national facility for source-identified seed of Australia’s trees and shrubs.

  • 2 June 2011 | Updated 8 December 2011


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It is managed by CSIRO Plant Industry* as a collection and research centre. Seed is also available for purchase.

For over 40 years ATSC has been collecting, researching and supplying quality, fully documented tree seed to both domestic and overseas customers. Collections of seed are sourced from wild populations and genetically improved seed from our domestication and improvement programs.

We maintain a database of our seedlots with a subset of collection details and germination test results. We also store location, site and tree details with accompanying photos for many of our seed collections.

* CSIRO Forest Biosciences ceased functioning as a separate division of CSIRO on 1 July 2008. CSIRO Plant Industry now incorporates staff and research of CSIRO Forest Biosciences, including the Australian Tree Seed Centre.