A map of NSW in two shades of orange depicting different rainfall zones.

Australia's future climate - a map of predicted rainfall change in 2050 given low emissions.

Making climate science more accessible for decision makers

Scientists are trialling different ways of presenting climate information so it is more accessible for people planning adaptation responses.

  • 29 June 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011


Climate science is highly complex yet needs to be accessible to a range of planners and policy makers from government, industry and the community.

CSIRO's modelling research

Since CSIRO’s climate modelling began in 1981, CSIRO scientists have developed and refined global climate models in close collaboration with local and international research teams.

These models have been the basis of climate information issued for national and seasonal forecasting and have been used extensively by Australian industries and governments.

The results of global climate models are complex, and constantly being refined.

As more people become involved in planning for adaptation it is becoming more important to develop more ‘useful’ information for planners and policy makers.

Scientists are trialling different ways of presenting climate information to make it more useful for a range of people.

More accessible science can be better integrated into adaptation decisions.

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