Farmer on a quad bike with his dog herds a flock of sheep up a roadway. Farmland and trees in the background.

A sheep farmer moving his stock.

Rural Press inserts: CSIRO supporting rural industry

CSIRO produces stories with Rural Press for the diverse rural audiences. This page holds past issues and relevant content.

  • 26 September 2011 | Updated 7 October 2014

CSIRO researchers are working with industries and communities across Australia and internationally to raise agricultural productivity; preserve land, water and biodiversity assets for the long term; and improve livelihoods for rural communities.

Rural Press magazine inserts

19 June 2014

  • Knowing the biology of ‘thy enemy’ restores biosecurity
  • Biological benefits: Century of weed control saves billions of dollars
  • Research beats snails to post
  • Disease prevention a team effort
  • Unmanned aircraft now targeting weeds
  • Q-fly, don’t bother us
  • Turbulence ahead for airborne pests
  • Male dominance key to species extinction
  • Parkinsonia control agent settling in

24 April 2014

  • Boosting better access to forecasts
  • Embracing a big picture approach
  • New model to boost irrigation forecasts
  • The state of the climate is clear
  • Changing frost favours flexible farming
  • Dipole discovery key to predicting drought six months out

13 March 2014

  • Uncovering potential
  • Spray shield limits run-off to the Reef
  • More sugar for water in cane yields
  • Pilbara climate and water examined
  • Mapping beef efficiency
  • Northern feed improvements
  • Digging deep in Queensland

12 December 2013

  • Making sense of soils with SYMSOC
  • Measuring methane seeps in Surat
  • New hi-tech tracking of nitrous oxide
  • Weighing up measurement and modelling
  • Trees add more carbon
  • Record carbon
  • Soil carbon beneath tree plantings

29 August 2013

  • Small vines, grape impact
  • Longer, stronger cotton
  • Apping into oyster world
  • Phenomic future for cattle
  • Buggies, blimps and lasers
  • Find out how to tap IrriSat for better water use
  • Sheep future 'in the genes'

6 June 2013

  • The secret life of sugarcane
  • New varieties best thing since sliced tofu
  • Top 10 tips for Integrated Pest Management
  • More than 50 years of food security research
  • A more informed Yield Prophet
  • Rust gene hunting reveals prizes
  • Lone trees need conservation
  • Wheat secrets revealed

16 May 2013

  • Defending ag from disease
  • Perfect Fitt for new research flagship
  • Weed control takes flight
  • Better biosecurity in the palm of our hand
  • Hendra vaccine success
  • Biocontrol agents with penthouse views
  • Pests scrutinised at genetic level

11 April 2013

  • Trial by fire
  • Making the most of a changing climate
  • Sweet-as climate-ready sugarcane
  • Seasonal forecasts for irrigators
  • Real options for wheatbelt future
  • Flexibility for future profit

7 March 2013

  • Irrigation investigation joins the dots
  • Ruthless efficiency for water use
  • Tapping into water future
  • Just add recycled water
  • Setting the standard
  • A model system
  • SA breaking free of rain-dependent water sources

17 January 2013

  • SoilMapp: facts at your fingertips
  • More grape news for growers
  • Premium prawns
  • Getting our lamb flavour 'just right'
  • BARLEYmax™ success continues
  • Selective grape harvesting – a winner

The documents below are archived versions. If you are having difficulty accessing this information, please use either the contact information listed for this page or email CSIRO Enquiries within business hours. You can also request further assistance through our Accessibility webpage.

22 November 2012 [2 pages, PDF 3.33MB]

  • Methane research more than hot air
  • Heat stress – what’s gut got to do with it?
  • Boost for FMD tests and response
  • Livestock and crop mix offers many benefits
  • Who’s ya daddy?
  • Hendra vaccine ready but vigilance needed
  • Livestock bulk-up on supplements
  • Sucking secrets from mozzies
  • Future farming in focus at MCG

October 2012 [2 pages, PDF 3.75MB]

  • Understanding the role of insect taste receptors in food security
  • Making every drop count
  • Food security challenge
  • So much land, what about water?
  • The sweet taste of saltbush success
  • Eat, grow, harvest more
  • Can’t handle the heat? Then stay out of the crops

27 September 2012 [2 pages, PDF 4.52MB]

  • Report taps low water future
  • Tunnelling to future cereals
  • Crash cow tests new SaferGate
  • Who cares? We do!
  • Kikuyu over carbon
  • Soil carbon latest
  • Taking an in-depth look at life downunder

23 August 2012 [2 pages, PDF 2.31MB]

  • Taking the bull by the horns
  • ACCESSing finer forecasts
  • Identifying better breeders
  • Building a sustainable cotton industry
  • Preventing algal blooms
  • Smart farm of the future
  • High-tech eye on the farm at Narrabri
  • Pasture information from outer space
  • X-ray vision for farmers

12 July 2012 [2 pages, PDF 3.52MB]

  • Good soil on carbon
  • Buying into bochar
  • Tiwi fires up for CFI
  • Science of carbon
  • Taking livestock to 2030
  • Gasbusters - Methane Cluster
  • Carbon forest opportunities

31 May 2012 [2 pages, PDF 3.81MB]

  • Hatching bird flu resistance
  • Fire blight 'wargamed'
  • Biting into insect threat
  • They've dung it again
  • Spotlight on bat 'viral radar'
  • Biosecurity boost
  • Following snail trail to pest cure
  • Rabbit control boost

25 April 2012 [2 pages, PDF 8.83MB]

  • Natives help to guard crops
  • Revitalising woodlands
  • Back to the future in climate battle
  • Help save our Yellow Box
  • Exploring basin benefits
  • Investing in future plant science
  • Living world at your fingertips

22 March 2012 [2 pages, PDF 3.97MB]

  • Improving long-range forecasts
  • Sharing knowledge for farming change
  • Wine industry adapting to climate change
  • Grapes on early ripening trend
  • Climate change continues
  • Regional climate change research
  • Planet under pressure

23 February 2012 [2 pages, PDF 5.66MB]

  • New wheats to tap into water potential
  • Farmers sow into food future
  • Cattle footprint is heavy on carbon
  • Biosecurity measures up
  • Feeding the world
  • Urgent call to action

The following documents are archived versions - if you cannot access them, please contact the people listed as a contact on this page or CSIRO Enquiries.

15 December 2011 [2 pages, PDF 4.66MB]

  • Reef and beef on northern menu
  • 'Perfect' prawn boosts aquaculture
  • Good science vital to Murray-Darling Basin future
  • Beefed-up carbon benefits
  • Breeding boost for north
  • Improving beef in the long-term
  • Crazy ants outed

8 December 2011 [1 page, PDF 1.83MB]

  • IrriSATisfaction the goal
  • 'Wet' your appetite with CSIRO's water book
  • Forecasting streamflow for water management
  • New forest water tool
  • Satellites help rainfall estimates
  • Water savvy wineries
  • Tanks for saving us

27 October 2011 [1 page, PDF 4.06MB]

  • Summer weed control pays
  • Conservation ag in focus
  • Closer look at forest sinks
  • New ways to disinfest fruit
  • FMD vaccine trials

June 2011 [2 pages, PDF 249KB]

  • Beefing up the carbon footprint focus
  • Zeroing in on livestock methane emissions
  • Forest sinks offer long-term potential
  • Savanna burning opportunity
  • Soil study in full swing

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