Electricity charge point on an electric vehicle.

CSIRO is working on ways electric vehicles can be used to reduce the emissions from electricty generation and transport.

Victorian Electric Vehicle Trial

CSIRO is developing sophisticated control techniques to intelligently integrate electric vehicles with Australia’s energy networks to help reduce emissions created from electricity generation and transport.

  • 7 March 2011 | Updated 14 October 2011


The Victorian Government is undertaking Australia’s largest electric vehicle trial to understand how this technology will impact and benefit the state.

The Victorian Government is working with:

  • electric vehicle suppliers
  • charging infrastructure providers
  • fleet operators
  • Victorian householders.

The trial will use around 60 vehicles - including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and electric two-wheelers, such as motorbikes - and involve 180 Victorian households.

CSIRO is developing and trialling sophisticated control techniques to integrate electric vehicles into the electricity grid in Victoria.

The Victorian electric vehicle trial is the largest real world trial to take place in Australia.

It will provide valuable data on how to integrate electric vehicles into the current and future electricity grid.

The information gained from Australia’s largest real world trial of electric vehicles in Victoria will provide valuable insights into how this technology can be incorporated into all Australian homes and cities in the future.

What does the trial set out to achieve?

Transport is responsible for 16.5 per cent of Victoria’s greenhouse gas emission, and petrol prices will continue to rise as oil becomes scarcer. 

The Victorian Government is looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of transport and to make sure the state’s transport system continues sustainably into the future.

Electric vehicle technologies which are powered by electricity from clean, renewable sources provide a zero emission transport option and are viewed as an evolutionary step from traditional petrol and diesel vehicle technologies.

The five year trial will collect real-world information on the use of electric vehicles in Victorian conditions and focus on factors that stand in the way of widespread uptake of this technology.

This information will deliver insights into: 

  • the market for electric vehicles
  • driver behaviour
  • recharging technology infrastructure
  • vehicle performance and efficiency
  • electricity consumption due to electric vehicle
  • managing electricity demand
  • greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutant emissions.

CSIRO will provide technical expertise to integrate electric vehicles with the electricity grid and evaluate the impact and benefits of this technology on electricity networks.

Trial partners

CSIRO is working with the Victorian Government’s Department of Transport, the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), AGL and Lumley Insurance.

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