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Harnessing solar power

Solar power: energy from the sun

CSIRO is a world leader in solar research. Our challenge today is to harness solar power to reduce Australia's dependance on fossil fuels. As renewable energy becomes more and more important to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, CSIRO is making solar power more efficient and effective.

  • 26 November 2010 | Updated 13 May 2013


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Energy from solar radiation is a proven technology found throughout society – from the tiny solar panels on your calculator to the huge fields of sun reflecting mirrors found throughout the world.

CSIRO is the home of large-scale, world-class solar research and development – specialising in concentrated solar power and photovoltaics.

Solar technology is everywhere and it works. CSIRO's challenge is to make it more cost effective and work more efficiently than fossil fuels.

New technologies are being explored, challenges are being overcome and techniques are being refined to enable solar power to become a reliable, stable power source for Australia's energy future.