Solar power: energy from the sun

Solar heating and cooling

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We've all experienced the warmth of a sunbeam. It's common sense to know we can use the sun to heat things up - as we do with solar hot water systems, for example - but with the right technology, it's also possible to harness that energy to cool things down. 

CSIR's Solar Cooling research team is developing and demonstrating low-to-medium temperature solar thermal systems can be installed on the roofs of commercial buildings such as shopping centres, hospitals and office blocks. These units can provide heating and cooling for the building, displacing one of the major sources of energy consumption, often at critical times for grid load.

The solar cooling team has built up expertise in designing solar cooling systems, simulation modelling, prototype development and testing.

Our scientists and engineers have access to a unique suite of research facilities specifically designed for the development and testing of solar cooling technologies and systems.

Solar cooling

CSIRO is developing new technologies and systems which use solar thermal energy to provide low emission cooling - or heating - for buildings and refrigeration for food storage.

Air Conditioning Research Facilities

CSIRO has established a team of building energy experts and state-of-the-art test facilities to develop and assess conventional air conditioning and new solar cooling techniques and technologies.