CSIRO's research is focused on the following:

Biodiversity portfolio

CSIRO research is helping underpin a collective national effort to help halt the rate of biodiversity decline in Australia.

Australian biological collections

The Australian Biological Collections record our flora and fauna and help conserve our rich biodiversity. The Australian Biological Collections hold specimens of plants, fish, insects, wildlife and even fungus, helping conserve our rich biodiversity.

The Atlas of Living Australia

CSIRO is the lead partner in the Atlas of Living Australia which is a collaborative, national project focused on making biodiversity information more accessible and useable.

Species and ecosystems in a changing climate

CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship research is developing and delivering adaptation options to protect from the impacts of climate change Australia's marine and terrestrial species, ecosystems and the services they provide.

Biodiversity and Agriculture

CSIRO is helping to manage Australian farming landscapes to increase biodiversity with benefits to productivity, profitability and environment. This includes protecting against the increasing threat from invasive species.

Reducing the consequences of alien pests

New and innovative approaches to reduce the potential and realised impacts of invasive alien pests, weeds and diseases is critical for Australia's ongoing agricultural sustainability, environmental and human health.

Marine life

Supporting balanced management and conservation of healthy, diverse and productive marine ecosystems.

Water for the environment

Protecting and rehabilitating Australia’s major aquatic ecosystems while enabling sustainable use of water resources.

Biodiversity and ecology overview

We are applying our expertise and resources across many science disciplines to one of the world's key natural resource challenges: sustaining biodiversity in genes, plants, animals and entire ecosystems.

Sustainable management of our ecosystems and the rich life within them remains one of the key natural resource management challenges.

CSIRO is finding ways to preserve and restore biodiversity and looking to create a balance between human development and conservation. We are also researching the ways in which species interact to maintain healthy ecosystems.
Understanding, conserving and providing information for the management of the ecological processes is a key goal for CSIRO’s researchers.