Farming support tools

  • 29 March 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011

Tools for all farmers

CSIRO scientists are providing solutions to a predicted shortage of phosphorus.

In collaboration with Pastures Australia Ltd and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), CSIRO has produced a new management tool to assist farmers and advisors in southern Australia to target their fertiliser use and to use it more effectively.

CSIRO has developed a range of tools to assist Australian farmers and land managers to use available resources in an increasingly sustainable and economically efficient way.

MetAccess™ is a computer tool developed by CSIRO for rapid analysis of historical weather data. The program gives users simple and flexible ways to qualify weather variability and assess the likelihood of weather events.

CSIRO's GRAZPLAN™ is a suite of software tools which provide integrated decision support for farming

Tools for graziers

CSIRO developed GrassGro™ to assist farmers and managers of grassland resources analyse opportunities and risks imposed by variable weather on the profitability and sustainability of grazing systems.

GrazFeed™ is a decision support tool developed by CSIRO to help graziers improve the profitability of livestock production, through more efficient use of pastures and supplementary feeds.

GrazFeed™ is regarded as the industry benchmark for the nutrition of grazing animals in temperate Australia.

Tools for cotton farmers

CSIRO has developed CottASSIST, a computer tool freely available on the web. This enables cotton managers to monitor their crops and assess their progress, while assisting with complex decision making so that crops are grown efficiently.

Read more about CSIRO's decision support tools: MetAccess™, GRAZPLAN™GrassGro™ and GrazFeed™.