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Food safety information sources

If you want to know more about food safety, here's where to start.

  • 29 April 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011

Food Safety and Hygiene bulletin

The Food Safety & Hygiene bulletin contains useful food safety information, of particular relevance to the Australian food industry.

Written by food scientists and technologists, the articles are designed to not only inform but to educate and assist the industry to maintain its excellent food safety reputation. While production of the bulletin ceased at the end of 2007, all forty-six issues are still available online: Food Safety & Hygiene: a bulletin for the Australian food industry

The Food Safety Toolkit™

The Food Safety ToolKit™ is a comprehensive software package, which enables your company to develop a food safety system covering all aspects of your food safety obligations.

It has been developed for small and medium sized businesses, as well as work teams in larger businesses, who wish to be trained in food safety and how to implement a Food Safety Program. 

Download a demonstration version and order form here: Food Safety Toolkit ™.

Make it Safe: A Guide to Food Safety

The Make it Safe book by CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences provides practical guidance on how to control food safety hazards, with a specific focus on controls suitable for small-scale businesses to implement. Find out more about Make it Safe: A Guide to Food Safety.

Fact sheets

This fact sheet describes cleaning and sanitation procedures for food processing equipment and surfaces such as floors and benches in food processing and preparation areas.

The shelf life of food is determined by a number of factors, including microbiological changes, moisture transfer, and chemical or biochemical reactions.

Vegetables preserved in a mixture of oil and vinegar will be safe to eat if basic precautions are taken.

The acidity of a food affects its ability to resist spoilage. Food preservation techniques must take account of acidity to ensure optimal quality.

Water activity in food is a standard measure that helps to predict the likelihood of the growth of spoilage microorganisms.

More fact sheets

Links to useful food safety information

Read more about Food Quality & Safety research at CSIRO.

The Food Safety ToolKit trade mark is owned by the Australian Food Safety Centre of Excellence.