Cooling grain reaps benefits for storers and marketers

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Adaptive discounting control

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A new control process has been developed by CSIRO in collaboration with Australian suppliers of aeration and drying equipment. Referred to as the Adaptive Discounting Control (ADC) this method has been developed for a broad range of aeration applications:

  • drying
  • cooling
  • maintenance.

ADC has been successfully evaluated in a range of commercial field trials, where all forms of aeration - drying, cooling and maintenance - were used in stores ranging from transportable farm silos to concrete verticals and bunkers across Australia.

The new aeration control method offers a series of improvements over existing approaches. The capacity to target grain moisture and/or temperature conditions, with high efficiency and a 'user friendly' interface, are key features of the new method.

Another key innovation of the ADC method is the novel link between the air condition selection process and responsive changes in grain temperature and moisture conditions.

The ADC method generates fronts through the grain bulk until the target grain moisture or temperature is obtained. This method has been commercialised and is available from major suppliers of aeration and drying equipment.

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