View of a row of grapevines in a vineyard

CSIRO is developing improved grape varieties and better plant management techniques.

Grapes and wine overview

CSIRO is contributing to improving the production, processing and marketing of grapes and grape products.

  • 24 March 2010 | Updated 24 June 2014


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Australia's wine and grape industry has been one of the nation's great agricultural success stories. 

The 2007-08 value of the Australian wine sector was A$4.8 billion, with exports of A$2.7 billion and domestic sales of A$2.1 billion.

CSIRO is helping to improve the performance of grapes in the production, processing and marketing chain. 

We are using improved genetic material from molecular and conventional breeding and generating better plant management techniques.

CSIRO has developed and released a range of wine and table grape varieties.

CSIRO research is targeting:

  • improved wine, dried and table grape varieties, as well as better rootstocks adapted to Australian conditions
  • quality characteristics such as berry colour and flavour, especially the compounds and genes responsible for fruit flavour and aroma
  • characteristics such as disease control, flowering and berry development from flower to fruit
  • sustainability issues, such as water and nutrient use.

CSIRO grape research is based at Urrbrae in Adelaide, South Australia.