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Grapevine management

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Canopy management

CSIRO is studying grapevine physiology including:

  • carbon assimilation by the canopy
  • whole plant carbohydrate dynamics and inter-relationships with pruning systems
  • deficit irrigation practices
  • crop load
  • fruit composition.

Past research has led to the development of light mechanical pruning, which has been a factor in Australia's excellent wine export performance.

It minimises the grape production cost-base while retaining and even improving yield and quality.

Stress tolerance

CSIRO is studying grapevine tolerance of abiotic stress including salt, drought and heat and has coordinated the development of VineLOGIC, an advanced computer-based education and training package for sustainable grape production.

Growth regulation mechanisms

CSIRO is undertaking research to understand the mechanisms that control plant growth and development and in particular the inter-relationship between the growth regulator ABA and water use efficiency.

Results have led to the development of novel methods of irrigation such as Partial Rootzone Drying (PRD) which significantly improves the crop water use index, while maintaining crop quality and yield.

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