The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet


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The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet science team received the 2005 CSIRO Research Achievement Medal for the body of scientific research that led to the development of the diet.

The diet is the culmination of eight years of research on diet composition, weight loss and diabetes and heart disease risk.

Portrait image of the Total Wellbeing Diet team, some sitting and some standing.

The team consisted of:

  • Dr Manny Noakes and Dr Peter Clifton (team leaders)
  • Ms Jane Bowen, Dr Grant Brinkworth, Dr Michael Fenech, Mr Paul Foster, Ms Jennifer Keogh, Dr David Topping and Meat & Livestock Australia (significant contributors)
  • Dr Kathryn Baghurst, Ms Kathryn Bastiaans, Ms Cherie Keatch, Mr Mark Mano, Ms Rosemary McArthur, Ms Anne McGuffin, Ms Lisa Moran, Ms Candita Sullivan and Ms Julia Weaver (significant contributors).

Research findings

The research is noteworthy in that it proves that the high-protein diet, such as the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, is effective in both producing weight loss and improving risk factors for diabetes and heart disease. It may also be possible to identify persons who do particularly well on this dietary pattern.

This research is the first to suggest a phenotype by diet interaction with respect to the magnitude of weight loss to different diet interventions.

Not only have we examined this diet for weight loss efficacy and improvements in risk factors for heart disease and diabetes, we have also shown that the diet is safe and also leads to improvements in nutritional status.

Publishing success

In addition to the scientific discovery, it is the communication of this research that sets it apart. The culmination of this was the publication of The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet book which has had extraordinary public success.

The book is currently the top selling non-fiction publication in Australia, a result which was achieved within days of the book's launch in June 2005.


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