Illustration of a pulsar showing magnetic field lines (cut away) and radio beam (Image: Russell Kightley Media)

(Image: Russell Kightley Media)

Download CSIRO's public research data

CSIRO is encouraging greater scientific and community collaborations by making its data more readily accessible.

  • 27 July 2011 | Updated 19 February 2013

As Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO scientists gather a lot of data about our world. As a publicly funded organisation, we’d like to make freely available as much of that data as possible.

We have developed the CSIRO Data Access Portal to more effectively manage our own data and, most importantly, to improve access to this valuable resource.

With funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), CSIRO is developing technologies to automatically capture our public domain research data and publish it via Research Data Australia and the CSIRO Data Access Portal.

While data sets are continually being added to the Portal, currently available data includes:

  • climate data from CSIRO’s Murray-Darling sustainable yields project
  • pulsar observations from CSIRO’s Parkes radio telescope
  • Australia-wide photosynthetically active radiation absorption (a measure of foliage cover) from 1981-2006
  • Australia-wide near-surface wind speeds for 1975–2006.
  • aerial photographs of coastal areas, vessels, equipment and people between 1936-39 and 1942-46.

We are currently working on:

  • further developing the software that supports the Portal
  • adding more research data
  • integrating the Portal into national and international data management efforts.

Explore CSIRO's Data Access Portal.