eResearch: new tools for big science

National capabilities

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We work closely with programs of the Australian Government Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research to develop eResearch services for the nation.

We are helping develop infrastructure that enhances researchers’ ability to collect, analyse, store and retrieve information from any location and at any time so they can work together more efficiently and more effectively, and move seamlessly from desk to desk between organisations.

The national capabilities in which we participate include:

  • National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). A high-end computational service for the Australian research community.
  • Pawsey Centre Supercomputing facilities and expertise to support Square Kilometre Array (SKA) pathfinder research, geosciences and other high-end science.
  • Australian National Data Service (ANDS). Bringing together disparate collections of data − from water resources research to astronomy − into one cohesive body.
  • Australian Access Federation (AAF). Providing a national cross-institutional authentication and access environment for the higher education and research communities.
  • Research Data Storage Infrastructure. A data storage framework assisting institutions and researchers more effectively use, manage, share and preserve much larger amounts of research data. CSIRO is part of this project.