Sustaining fisheries

Providing a science toolkit for the ecosystem-based management of Australian fisheries.

Exploring ecosystems

CSIRO research helps to map, categorise, assess and predict change in marine ecosystems, and identify indicators of risk.

Cool characters

Understanding Australia's rich and unique biodiversity which extends from coral reefs in the tropics to giant kelp forests in Tasmania.

People and places

A line up of scientists involved in marine research.


CSIRO provides knowledge and advice on shark classification, life histories, movements, behaviour, habitats and abundance to help manage threats to shark populations.

Sea snaps

Stopover at this scenic lookout to view images relating to research on Oceans and Coasts.

Seeking, keeping and sharing knowledge of the marine environment

Australia's vast and largely unexplored marine territory contains a rich diversity of unique species and habitats.

CSIRO provides knowledge, advice and systems to support the economic, social and environmental sustainability of marine resources.

New technology is enabling remote areas to be characterised and monitored, and species new to science are still being discovered.