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CSIRO's security research has a proud history of creating impact for Australia − and in some cases the world.

Our achievements include:


The world’s first polymer banknote

CSIRO’s relationship with Note Printing Australia (a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia) is changing currency worldwide.
Australia has the most secure currency in the world. Discover how CSIRO and the Reserve Bank of Australia created the world’s first polymer banknote.

Needling problem solved

CSIRO is developing a highly sensitive metal detector for the food, pharmaceutical and security industries. The device finds fragments of stainless steel even when they're wrapped in aluminium foil.

CSIRO and DataDot: working in partnership for a secure future

CSIRO and DataDot Technology Ltd collaborate to create a 50/50 joint venture — DataTraceDNA — to market a groundbreaking approach to counterfeit security protection through nanotechnology that is invisibly embedded within a product’s molecular structure.

Siropulse: high-resolution sub-surface radar

Siropulse is a light, portable, high-resolution radar system capable of probing distances ranging from less than one centimetre to many metres and picking up metallic and non-metallic objects and voids.

Novel scanner to improve air cargo security

The CSIRO Air Cargo Scanner provides rapid, non-intrusive and material-specific imaging for the detection of illicit and dangerous goods in consolidated air cargo.

Finding 'objects of interest' at sea with MAGSAFE

Our MAGSAFE is a new system for locating and identifying submarines using highly sensitive magnetic sensors that measure subtle variations in the local magnetic field.

baNDIcoot™ rapid inspection system

CSIRO has developed a self-contained, hand-held instrument for non-destructive inspection of defects in modern composite materials commonly found in aircraft, boats, high-performance vehicles and aerospace platforms.