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Dr Dave Winkler is focusing on modelling and designing complex matter

Prof Dave Winkler: modelling and simulating complex matter

Professor Dave Winkler's research focuses on using computational methods to understand and predict the behaviour, hence design, of complex materials.

  • 19 April 2011 | Updated 24 July 2014

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Current activities

Prof Dave Winkler's research is currently focused on:

  • design and optimisation of bioactive agents for several commercial and spin-off company projects
  • computational prediction of the biological effects of nanomaterials, to aid regulatory agencies to access hazard and risk
  • predictive computational modelling of physical and biological properties of diverse materials using machine learning methods
  • design of small molecules and peptides to control cell fate, particular stem cells
  • design, modelling and simulation of biomaterials
  • self assembly of peptides, amphiphilic materials, and programmable matter (DNA origami).


Prof Winkler joined CSIRO as a Senior Research Scientist at the Division of Applied Organic Chemistry in 1985.

By 1993 he was a Principal Research Scientist at the CSIRO Division of  Chemicals & Polymers; and in 1997 was Senior Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Molecular Science.

In 2003 Prof Winkler was appointed Adjunct Professor at Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Prof. Winkler's research is currently focused on design and optimisation of bioactive agents for several commercial and spin-off company projects.

Academic qualifications

Prof Winkler has been awarded a Bachelor of Science, with First Class Honours in Chemistry at Monash University in Melbourme, Victoria, Australia.

He then completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, with Distinction, in Physics, from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne, Victoria and a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Physics at Monash University.


Prof. Winkler's awards, associations and achievements include:

  • Commonwealth University Scholarship
  • Victorian Government Science Cadetship
  • Commonwealth Postgraduate Research Award
  • General Motors Holden Postgraduate Fellowship
  • AAS/JSPS Fellowship (Kyoto)
  • AAS/Academia Sinica Fellowship (Beijing)
  • CSIRO/Academia Sinica Travelling Fellowship
  • DISR Fellowship (Oxford)
  • Divisional SAP Award for Business Excellence (2002)
  • CSIRO Medal for Business Excellence (2003)
  • One-CSIRO Award (2005)
  • CSIRO Service from Science Award (2006)
  • Newton Turner Fellowship (2009-10)
  • Fellow, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
  • CSIRO and RACI representative in PACIA
  • Director, UNESCO/FACS Project, MedChem
  • Chairman, Royal Australian Chemical Institute (2004–08)
  • Board, International QSAR & Modelling Society
  • President, Asian Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (2009–10)
  • Member of the Executive of the CSIRO Complex Systems Science Centre.

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