Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Theme Leader, CSIRO Futures

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Theme Leader, CSIRO Futures

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz: Leader, CSIRO Futures

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz's research helps government and industry make wiser choices and plan for an uncertain future.

  • 24 March 2006 | Updated 6 September 2012

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Current activities

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz currently leads CSIRO Futures. This captures a diverse portfolio of foresight projects to examine future trends and assist strategic planning by government, industry and community organisations.


Dr Hajkowicz's interest in strategic planning emerged during his first job with the Caboolutre Shire Council as a Land Information Officer.

During this time Dr Hajkowicz witnessed bushfires within the Shire which destroyed property, forest plantations and ecological habitats.

Dr Hajkowicz thought about ways to mitigate future risks and was later awarded first class honours from The University of Queensland for developing a bushfire hazard mapping system in his final-year undergraduate thesis.

In his doctoral thesis he continued to work on decision making by examining how people, as individuals and groups, make environmental decisions using intuitive versus structured and analytical approaches.

This involved pioneering work in the field of multiple criteria decision analysis.

Dr Hajkowicz is a highly sought after speaker delivering entertaining and informative presentations on future trends and strategic planning.

Since starting with CSIRO as a post doctoral scientist in Adelaide over a decade ago Dr Hajkowicz's decision models have guided government and industry investment choices worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

His work has influenced critical policy choices relating to Australia's Murray Darling Basin, Great Barrier Reef, the Swan and Canning River Estuary and other environmental assets.

Dr Hajkowicz's economic and geographic analyses have informed environmental and social policy in Niue, the Cook Islands, Palau and Egypt.

In the United States Stefan conducted research into watershed management for the Mississippi River.

He has informed the decision making and strategy of corporations including BP, GPT, Simplot and Sunwater.

In 2010 Dr Hajkowicz published the report "Our Future World" which identified five megatrends reshaping Australia's economy, society and environment.

He has given over 30 invited conference keynote talks, board room briefings and professional seminars on this topic across Australia.

Academic qualifications

Dr Hajkowicz has a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Geography and a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Resource Management from the University of Queensland.

He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Economics from the University of New England.


  • 2010 Appointed to the Ministerial National Enabling Technologies advisory panel
  • 2008 Leader - CSIRO Sustainable Regional Development Theme
  • 2003 Land and Water Australia Travelling Fellowship
  • 2001 Science Media Fellowship awarded by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
  • 1996 Australian Postgraduate Award with an Industry Stipend.

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