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Women in business and leadership

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Dr Sumana Bell: adding value to Australian grains

Dr Sumana Bell believes that science is the quickest road to innovation, the trick to shifting paradigm and adding value to conventional products.

Ms Hazel Bennett: Chief Finance Officer & Executive Director CSIRO Finance and Services

As Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and Executive Director Finance & Services, Ms Hazel Bennett is responsible for CSIRO's Finance, Administration Services, Ministerial and Parliamentary Liaison Office and Business & Infrastructure Services groups.

Dr Megan Clark: former Chief Executive, CSIRO

Dr Megan Clark is former Chief Executive of CSIRO, Australia’s national research agency and one of the leading mission-directed, multi-disciplinary applied research organisations in the world.

Dr Joanne Daly: Strategic Advisor

Dr Joanne Daly is Strategic Advisor with responsibility for advising the Executive on CSIRO’s  collections and facilities.

Dr Megan Fisher: Executive Manager – IP and Licensing (MMM Group)

Dr Megan Fisher, Executive Manager – IP and Licensing (MMM Group), has tertiary qualifications in science and business and an outstanding track record in strategic management, business development and technology commercialisation.

Dr Cathy Foley: Chief, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering

Dr Cathy Foley brings together a diverse range of expertise to support the Australian manufacturing industry.

Dr Anita Hill: Executive Director, Manufacturing, Digital Productivity and CSIRO Services Sector

Dr Anita Hill is CSIRO’s Executive Director – Manufacturing, Digital Productivity and CSIRO Services Sector, with responsibilities for oversight of the organisation’s manufacturing and digital research and CSIRO’s services line of business.

Ms Linda Karssies: National Soil Archive Manager

Ms Linda Karssies operates the CSIRO National Soil Archive which is a repository of soil samples collected over 80 years and which provides an invaluable resource for environmental scientists wishing to investigate the distribution of soil properties over the continent.

Anna Littleboy: Theme Leader, Australia's mineral futures

Anna Littleboy has led CSIRO’s research into the impacts of sustainable development on the resources industry for over five years.

Dr Beth Mantle: Collection Manager, Australian National Insect Collection

Dr Beth Mantle is responsible for the security, integrity and on-going development of the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC), the largest collection of Australian insects in the world.

Dr Rana Munns: improving crops for saline soils

Dr Rana Munns leads research to investigate and improve the salt tolerance of crops.

Dr Jennifer Stauber: Deputy Chief, CSIRO Land and Water

Dr Jennifer Stauber is Deputy Chief for one of the nation's largest land and water research teams.