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Women in research

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Dr Mary Ann Augustin: taking food science to new levels

Dr Mary Ann Augustin is building on her extensive experience as a food chemist to create the next generation of healthy and sustainably processed foods.

Dr Amanda Barnard: investigating materials at the nanoscale

Dr Amanda Barnard's work is increasing our understanding of structure/property relationships at the nanoscale, and addresses issues of sustainability that underpin a range of emerging technologies.

Dr Sharon Bishop-Hurley: using aptamers to improve livestock health

Dr Sharon Bishop-Hurley is a Research Scientist with CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences, and is based at the Queensland Biosciences Precinct, St. Lucia, Brisbane.

Dr Susan Blackburn: passionate about microalgae

Dr Susan Blackburn is recognised internationally for her research and expertise in microalgal diversity, life cycles, ecophysiology, population dynamics, harmful algal blooms, culturing, and bioapplications.

Associate Professor Rachel Caruso: Office of the Chief Executive Science Leader

Associate Professor Rachel Caruso is fabricating novel porous materials with potential applications in solar energy, pollutant degradation or sequestration.

Dr Liz Dennis: researching plant genomics

Dr Liz Dennis is a leading researcher in gene expression, molecular bases of plant development, plant gene regulation and mapping plant genomes.

Dr Cathy Dichmont: leading fisheries and ecosystems research

Cathy Dichmont brings a world-class reputation in fisheries modelling to the leadership of CSIRO research into northern fisheries and ecosystems.

Dr Lan Ding: promoting sustainable consumption

Dr Lan Ding's research into virtual environments, artificial intelligence and architectural software is helping create more adaptable cities.

Dr Margaret (Meg) Evans: developing biomaterials for cell therapies and implantable devices

Dr Meg Evans' research focuses on developing materials to deliver therapeutics molecules using cell-based therapies and to repair damaged and non-functional tissue.

Dr Beth Fulton: a world leader in marine ecosystem modelling

Dr Fulton is the developer of Atlantis, one of world’s most successful models in the field of ‘whole of ecosystem’ modelling for the marine environment.

Dr Tara Martin: making good ecological predictions and conservation decisions

Dr Tara Martin is an ecologist who specialises in the optimal allocation of conservation resources and understanding and predicting the impacts of land use and climate change on the natural ecosystem using novel statistical and mathematical methods.

Dr Naomi McClure-Griffiths: galactic octopus wrestler

Dr Naomi McClure-Griffiths uses CSIRO's radio telescope to map hydrogen gas in our Galaxy.

Dr Christine O'Keefe: turning data into knowledge for informed decision-making

Dr Christine O'Keefe is Program Leader for Decision and User Science in CSIRO Computational Informatics. She turns data into knowledge for informed decision-making and action in the services economy.

Dr Zahra Paydar: researching hydrology and water balance accounting

Dr Zahra Paydar’s primary research areas include studies of water balance accounts at different scales, up-scaling losses in the system, irrigation water savings.

Dr Nancy Schellhorn: researching ecosystem services

Dr Nancy Schellhorn leads the Spatial Ecology team in CSIRO and is researching ecosystem services through the study of beneficial and pest invertebrates within native habitats and managed environments.

Dr Melony Sellars: advancing aquaculture production using genetic technologies

Dr Melony Sellars is researching ways to enhance aquaculture production and breeding practices through the application of advanced genetic technologies.

Dr Susan Wijffels: observing and understanding the world's oceans

Dr Susan Wijffels aims to quantify and understand the role of the ocean in climate, key aspects of the large-scale ocean circulation and global ocean change.