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CSIRO career options

CSIRO offers a different career experience depending on your skills, career objectives and the sort of work you're looking for.

  • 12 March 2010 | Updated 23 November 2011

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Opportunities to suit your skills

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CSIRO's ongoing history of successful collaboration with industries, governments and communities worldwide provides our staff opportunities in almost all areas of science research: from the molecules of life to the molecules in space. 

We find ways to improve the quality of life and economic performance. In between, we discover, invent, educate, challenge, develop, solve, question and answer.  

As a result, our career options as varied as what we do.

Employment activities in CSIRO fall into two main streams: 

  • research scientists/engineers
  • research support services. 

Each stream offers a different career path depending on your skills, career objectives and the sort of work you are looking for. Careers can often switch between the two streams.

CSIRO is one of Australia's largest employers of research scientists and engineers but we also require people with diverse skills in a broad range of areas. 

These may include technical assistants, financial and human resource managers, librarians, journalists, communicators, information technologists, legal officers and administrative staff.