Two students sitting in a classroom writing in their workbooks.

Vacation scholarships

Are you a third year student? CSIRO's vacation scholarship scheme is for you.

Vacation Scholarship Opportunities

About CSIRO vacation scholarships

CSIRO's vacation scholarships scheme offers undergraduate students the opportunity of collaborating with CSIRO scientists. Applications for the 2014/15 CSIRO Undergraduate Vacation scholarships are now closed.

Australia’s top students check out science careers

Predicting climate change effects on wheat, understanding grapevine diseases and studying plant-water relationships are some of the topics 22 top university students are investigating this summer as part of the CSIRO Summer Student Program.

Mini 'doughnut-blimp' leads the way at QCAT

Visitors to CSIRO’s Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) complex in Pullenvale, Brisbane, might soon have a floating doughnut to show them around.

New crop of plant scientists emerges at CSIRO

Some of Australia’s top science and engineering students have begun a ten-week, hands-on work experience program at CSIRO Plant Industry’s research facilities in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Narrabri.

From vacation student to Oxford Scholar

When Jared O'Connell started his vacation scholarship with CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics he never would have imagined it would lead him to a job with CSIRO and then a PhD at Oxford University, England.

What I did on my holidays

Every summer hundreds of undergraduates get to work at CSIRO, here’s what some of them got up to.