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Summer studentships with CSIRO Plant Industry

Summer studentships offer second and third year university students an opportunity to conduct research at CSIRO Plant Industry.

  • 23 September 2010 | Updated 18 October 2013

Summer studentship overview

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Get hands on research experience working on your own project in one of the world's leading plant laboratories in Australia's national research agency.

Students can do a CSIRO Summer Studentship, run in collaboration with:

Each studentship runs for ten weeks and projects are especially tailored for second and third year university undergraduates.

This year, the program will run from 2 December 2013 to 7 February 2014. Each successful student works alongside a CSIRO research scientist who undertakes to guide the student during their project.

Projects are designed to ensure they provide students with the opportunity to learn new techniques and approaches, and to experience the excitement of research science.

At the completion of their studentship, students present their results in a public forum and prepare a final report on their findings.

Studentships are available to Australian Residents who have completed at least two years of undergraduate study. Successful applicants will be selected according to their interests and the project needs of the supervisor, taking into account the student's academic merit.

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