A Scientist working on oil compounds.

CSIRO researchers opening up an entirely new class of chemistry.

Bio-Economics 101 - What does it mean?

Is Australia ready to enter the world of 'bio-economics', and how many of us will be working in the 'bio-factories' of the future? In this podcast, CSIRO General Manager Cameron Begley explains how Australia is perfectly placed to support a shift to resources, based on things we grow. (5:16)

  • 28 April 2008 | Updated 24 November 2011

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Cameron Begley explains how Australian science is leading the world in finding sustainable resources to underpin future economies.

He will outline CSIRO’s advances to the World Bio Congress in Chicago this week, and he’ll talk a lot about safflowers and spiders, and their role in producing a whole range of industrial and cosmetic bio-products.

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