North Queensland Rainforest canopy

Building better biodiversity

A new biodiversity research team of over 100 scientists is being developed by CSIRO to help halt biodiversity decline and strike a balance between human development and conservation. (4:47)

  • 21 July 2009 | Updated 20 January 2014

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Sustainable management of our ecosystems and the rich life within them remains one of the key natural resource management challenges.

Any changes we make to land, water and vegetation impacts these ecosystems and the life forms belonging to them, yet in most cases our existence is critically dependent on the goods and services provided by these ecosystems.

The CSIRO is working to minimise this impact, and has recently set about to establish a new biodiversity research team of more than 100 scientists to take up the challenge.

In this podcast, CSIRO Biodiversity Research Director Dr Mark Lonsdale, explains why the new team is being established and the diverse range of skills it will include.

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