A man stands in a very large field of golden wheat.

CSIRO research includes wheat, Australia's largest food crop.

Adapting to climate change: managing climate risk for farm and food

With climate change complicating the agriculture and food production picture there will be winners and losers across the globe. (4:37)

  • 14 October 2009

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Adapting Australia's agriculture and food production to climate change is necessary to maintain our important role in food security, exports and domestic production.

For Australia, growing cereals in the southern part of the continent will become more difficult with projections of warmer and dryer conditions. However, colder countries, such as Canada and northern Europe, could become greater competitors in the world food market.

In this podcast, Mr Steven Crimp, climate applications scientist with CSIRO's Climate Adaptation Flagship, talks about the need to adapt to future climate conditions while we address our greenhouse gas emissions.