The cover of CSIRO's new 'Healthy Heart' book

The cover of CSIRO's new 'Healthy Heart' book

Eating for life

With cardiovascular disease killing about one Australian every 10 minutes and preventing 1.4 million people from living a full life because of the disease, one of Australia's leading nutritionists is urging Australians to think about their hearts. (4:48)

  • 16 March 2009 | Updated 24 November 2011

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Dr Peter Clifton from CSIRO’s Preventative Health National Research Flagship is one of Australia’s leading nutritionists and co-author of the book, the CSIRO Healthy Heart Program.

In this podcast Dr Clifton explains that there is a lot more we could be doing to live a healthier lifestyle, and encourages us to think about modifying eating habits and lifestyle choices in order to achieve this.

He also details the warning signs for cardiovascular disease and offers advice on getting motivated to eat healthily. 

National Research Flagships

CSIRO initiated the National Research Flagships to provide science-based solutions in response to Australia’s major research challenges and opportunities. The nine Flagships form multidisciplinary teams with industry and the research community to deliver impact and benefits for Australia.

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