Coral at the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium, Townsville. QLD

Coral at the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium, Townsville. QLD

Outraged Scientists call for more funds for marine research

Scientists from the CSIRO and the University of Queensland have called for a bigger research effort into the impact of climate change on marine species, outraged that research into the oceans has received far less Government funding than the examination of climate change on terrestrial species. (5:30)

  • 10 June 2008 | Updated 24 November 2011

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According to a paper published in the journal Science by researchers at CSIRO’s Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship, marine ecosystems are under-resourced, overlooked and under threat.

In this podcast, Dr Anthony Richardson, from The University of Queensland and CSIRO, argues that the oceans are worth around A$21 trillion in economic terms to Australia, but our collective knowledge of the impact of climate change on marine life is a mere drop in the ocean.

Written with co-author, Dr Elvira Poloczanska from CSIRO in Hobart, the paper says there is an overwhelming bias toward land-surface studies which arise in part because investigating the ocean realm is generally difficult, resource-intensive and expensive.

The disparity was highlighted in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) Fourth Assessment Report (2007), which included 28,500 significant biological changes in terrestrial systems but only 85 in marine systems.

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