Dr Anne Rae

Fuelling the future with bioproducts

With the demand for oil increasing as supplies begin to dwindle, there has been a shift towards bio-energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. Sugarcane is already used as a feedstock for ethanol production, but research shows it has a lot more to offer in bioproducts. (3:53)

  • 13 March 2009 | Updated 24 November 2011

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Grass crops such as sugarcane are capable of providing a range of bio-products such as renewable chemical feedstocks, bio-pharmaceuticals and plastics precursors.

Researchers from CSIRO Plant Industry  have been looking at sugarcane to understand how sucrose is distributed throughout the plant, and at better ways for the plant to store its sucrose, allowing it to naturally produce more.

Dr Anne Rae has been investigating this possibility, and in this podcast explains why sucrose is so important in the development of bioproducts and how this research will lead to a better sugarcane plant.

This work was supported by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sugar Industry Innovation through Biotechnology.

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