Global megatrends: driving new connections between science and industry

Our values and future strategy

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While we have a proud track record we must do better.

I spoke with many stakeholders who informed me that CSIRO was difficult to do business with and sometimes impossible. This was really around our approach to IP never our science. We have taken this on board very, very seriously.

We are changing our leadership, our processes, our timeliness and our values.

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Our future strategy will see us:

  • take our Flagships to the next level. We will use our Flagship programs to take a proactive approach to our global, national and SME partners
  • engage in deeper partnerships with industry to deliver profound impact and increase in competitiveness.

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The world is changing fast.

In this world, scale and breadth matter.

They matter because to attack the most complex issues, to provide real competitive advantage means bringing together the brightest and best minds from all disciplines to address the problem.

Our Flagships are allowing us to develop whole new areas of science at the interface of different areas of science. Our Flagship program is helping us accelerate our alliances with industry.

Innovation has always underpinned CSIRO's practices – from early breakthroughs such as the formula for Aeroguard and breeding dung beetles to control flies, through advances such as the polymer bank note and to Wireless LAN technology, which is now in the hands of the world with its incorporation into over a four billion devices and counting.

And yes putting a crease in Norm's pants.

As a leading applied research organisation in the world, CSIRO has a proven track record of delivering innovation and solutions into the market place, but we need to do whole lot better – to engage with industry and meet our shared aspirations of making a profound impact for our partners on their competiveness on the world stage.

I am very excited about what the next few years will bring, about the potential in our staff at CSIRO about to be unleashed, and about the breakthroughs for Australian business on the world stage that await us.


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