An image of Dr. Megan Clark, CEO of CSIRO.

Dr Megan Clark, Chief Executive and CSIRO Board member.

Digital Economies: creating a new wealth of nations

This presentation 'Digital Economies: creating a new wealth of nations', was delivered by CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark. Provided here is an adapted transcript of the speech, which was addressed to the CEDA 2010 Conference – Digital Economy Series in Sydney, 27 July 2010.

  • 26 October 2010 | Updated 14 October 2011

Digital Economies

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Science is about generating new data and knowledge. Over the last decade or so, we began to really see just how dramatically we increase the impact and reach of our research when we amplify our data and knowledge.

As Australia's national science agency, CSIRO is charged with delivering quality science that makes a positive contribution to our nation’s future.

It is significant that this science and the contribution it makes is increasingly moving from the physical to the virtual.

To say that information and communication technologies are incredibly powerful is not saying anything new.

What is eye-opening is the way we at CSIRO can now harness that power to maximise the impact and reach of our work.

The digital economy is facilitating virtual collaboration in life sciences and on global challenges, allowing research on a scale that has never been seen before.

A collection of nine images, including a seal, a satellite, ships and several ocean monitoring-related shots.


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