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Flagship Collaboration Fund Clusters

Clusters are the main element of the Flagship Collaboration Fund, which facilitates the involvement of the broader research community in addressing the ambitious goals of the Flagships.

  • 16 August 2010 | Updated 10 March 2014

There are now 27 clusters established from the first six rounds of funding proposals.

A summary of the six rounds of clusters follows:

Round 1 clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Energy Transformed National Hydrogen Materials Alliance Dr Andrew Dicks, University of Queensland October 2006, Newcastle
Food Futures Concentration and separation of bioactives in food science Professor Milton Hearn, Monash University and Dr Muthupandian Ashokkumar, University of Melbourne (merged) December 2006, Melbourne
Food Futures Learning the principles of olfactory pattern recognition from invertebrates Professor Mandyam Srinivasan, University of Queensland (moved from ANU) August 2006, Canberra
Light Metals Australian partnership in Light Metals research Professor David St John, CAST CRC and Professor Barry Muddle, Monash University August 2006, Melbourne
Preventative Health Detecting and preventing Alzheimer's disease Professor David Ames, University of Melbourne November 2006, Melbourne
Water for a Healthy Country CLAMMecology (Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth) Dr Mike Geddes, University of Adelaide August 2006, Adelaide
Wealth from Oceans Human uses and impacts on Ningaloo reef Professor Neil Loneragan, Murdoch University November 2006, Perth

Round 2 clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Food Futures Redesigning grain polysaccharides Professor Mike Gidley, University of Queensland July 2007, Canberra
Water for a Healthy Country Advanced membrane technologies for water treatment Professor Stephen Gray, Victoria University May 2007, Melbourne
Wealth from Oceans Subsea pipelines for reliable and environmentally safe development Professor Mark Cassidy, University of WA October 2007, Perth

Round 3 clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Energy Transformed The 'intelligent grid' – modelling distributed generation and interruptible load [external link] Professor Stuart White, University of Technology Sydney August 2008, Sydney
Light Metals Breakthrough technology for primary aluminium Professor Geoff Brooks, Swinburne University September 2009
Preventative Health The ASPREE healthy ageing cohort biobank Professor John McNeil, Monash University February 2010

Round 4 clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Climate Adaptation Human health and climate change adaptation Professor Anthony Capon / Keith Dear, ANU April 2011
Climate Adaptation Regional adaptation to climate change - a case study in SE Queensland Professor Jan McDonald / Darryl Low Choy, Griffith University June 2009
Minerals Down Under Future sustainability of Australia's mineral industry Professor David Brereton, University of Queensland October 2009
Minerals Down Under Preconcentration and agglomeration to enhance heap leaching of nickel laterite Professor John Ralston, University of South Australia October 2009
Future Manufacturing Sensor systems for analysis of aquatic environments Professor Justin Gooding, UNSW October 2009
Preventative Health STroke imAging pRevention and Treatment (START) Professor Geoffrey Donnan, University of Melbourne September 2010
Wealth from Oceans Institutional and social barriers to science impact Professor David Wood, Curtin University of Technology April 2010

Round 5 Clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Water for a Healthy Country Ecological Response to Altered Flow Regimes Cluster Professor Stuart Bunn, Griffith University March 2011
Food Futures Healthy complex cereal carbohydrates Professor Geoff Fincher, University of Adelaide April 2010
Energy Transformed Biological solutions for energy and greenhouse challenges Professor Chris Easton, ANU October 2010 
Food Futures Sex ratio and sterility for commercial animal production Professor Michael Holland University of Queensland March 2011

Round 6 Clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Minerals Down Under Organic-inorganic interactions in mineral systems Kliti Grice, Curtin University February 2012
Future Manufacturing Novel electrode materials Paul Burn, University of Queensland April 2012
Sustainable Agriculture Measuring methane Deli Chen, University of Melbourne May 2012

Round 7 Clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Climate Adaptation    Climate adaptation technology and engineering for extreme events Mark Stewart, University of Newcastle  November 2012
Energy Transformed Future Grid Tony Vassallo, University of Sydney May 2013
Wealth from Oceans Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Peter Ralph, UTS February 2013

Round 8 Clusters

Flagship Cluster Name Cluster Leader Launch
Digital Productivity & Services New Scenarios for Superannuation Prof Deborah Ralston, Monash University     August 2013
Minerals Down Under Wealth from Waste ToProf Stuart White, UTS TBC

What makes a successful cluster?

  • A strong proactive Cluster Leader - skilled at scientific, management & administrative leadership - and who can foster a strong relationship with the Flagship Director
  • A manageable number of partners
  • Open & honest communication across the partners with a good understanding and commitment to their collaborative agreement.
  • Awareness that a Cluster formally lives for only 3 years but longer term opportunities might be possible i.e. Other sources of funds etc. Note: Clusters represent a minimum 50:50 co-investment partnership between CSIRO & Cluster partners (full cost basis)
  • A well thought through research program
    • consisting of integrated & focused projects
    • with sufficient depth & originality in the science appropriately responding to the specifications
    • that compares to national/international efforts
    • with deliverables that are realistic and practical for a 3 year timeframe
    • that has effective and complimentary links to the Flagship Research Program
  • A team of skilled researchers who will commit time & effort, including the Cluster Leader.

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