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Partnerships are formed based on complementary capability, capacity, resource access and experience.

Our approach to partnering and co-investment

Co-investment projects are one of the ways that CSIRO engages with a wide variety of partners.

  • 1 December 2005 | Updated 12 April 2013

Partnering for impact

CSIRO co-invests with partners on the basis of:

  • complementary capability
  • capacity
  • resource access, and
  • experience.

Each partner’s investment is determined based on how the above factors are leveraged to maximise the success of the project.

Benefits range from cost savings to development of new products for new markets.

CSIRO engages in a variety of co-investments, from one-off projects to 15+ year strategic partnerships. These collaborations enable our partners to achieve a wide variety of benefits through the application of jointly developed technologies.  These benefits range from cost savings from a new process through to development of new products for new markets.

Guiding principles

Some of the principles that guide our co-investment activity are:

  • Strategic fit: CSIRO operates by the directions set out in our Strategic Plan. We review each partnering opportunity against our existing strategy and make our co-investment decisions based on ‘strategic fit’. Typically, for activities within CSIRO’s strategy, we may propose a co-investment approach based on our existing plans and obligations relating to that technology or activity.
  • Capability matching: CSIRO seeks partners with complementary capability, capacity, resource access and experience.  Our investment typically includes R&D effort and access to our wealth of background intellectual property.
  • IP management: As a serial innovator, CSIRO has significant experience and capability in IP management and a wealth of background IP. We believe that a well-considered IP management strategy is essential to delivering benefits from our co-investment activity.
  • Benefit sharing: CSIRO believes all parties participating in co-investment projects are entitled to a fair proportion of any benefits, based on the value they bring to the activity or technology.
  • Commercialisation: CSIRO believes that responsibility for commercialisation of IP developed in co-investments should typically reside with the partner best equipped to manage the process.
  • Value pricing: CSIRO expects the partners to receive benefits from the application of the research outcomes that reflect the value to the user.
  • Risk sharing: CSIRO believes that each party should be responsible for the risks associated with the activity that it controls or is in the best position to control.

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