Scientist in the lab.

Technical Services

CSIRO's diverse research capabilities provide a number of state-of-the-art testing facilities that are available for contract research and specialised testing services. We invite you to review our testing, analytical and accreditation services as listed below.

FRR Culture Collection

The current holdings of the FRR Culture Collection consists of fungal strains of importance in the food and related industries. There are approximately 250 yeasts and 4000 filamentous fungi, not all of which are listed in this catalogue.

Dielectric services and facilities

CSIRO's Petrophysics Laboratory offers a range of dielectric measurement options in a broad frequency range for solid and drill cutting samples.

Biomolecular Interaction Facility

CSIRO’s Biomolecular Interaction Facility specialises in the application of sensor platform technology to resolve the binding specificity, kinetic parameters and affinity associated with molecular interactions.

Airborne lidar data processing services

The CSIRO Vegetation Sensing and Information team provides a range of services to assist in the analysis of airborne lidar datasets.