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BARLEYmax™ has significant health benefits.

BARLEYmax grain FAQs

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about BARLEYmax™ grain. The 'supergrain' is available to consumers in a range of products.

  • 10 February 2011 | Updated 26 May 2014

What is BARLEYmax™ grain?

BARLEYmax grain is a natural wholegrain with enhanced nutritional benefits. This barley grain contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grains, four times the resistant starch and has a low GI.

For more information about the health benefits of BARLEYmax grain please refer to The BARLEYmax Better Nutrition Report available to download from: New BARLEYmax: high fibre wholegrain with resistant starch.

What is BARLEYmax Enterprises?

BARLEYmax Enterprises is a company established by CSIRO and Australian Capital Ventures Limited (ACVL) specialising in the development and commercialisation of novel grains with known health benefits. BARLEYmax Enterprises has an exclusive license from CSIRO and ACVL to commercialise the BARLEYmax grain.

More information about BARLEYmax Enterprises is available from the BARLEYmax Enterprises website [external link].

What products contain BARLEYmax grain?

Currently, there are breakfast cereal, porridge, cereal bar, flat-bread wrap, loaf bread and rice blend products available containing BARLEYmax grain. These products are not manufactured by CSIRO.

For up-to-date information about consumer products containing BARLEYmax grain, and stockist information, please visit the BARLEYmax Enterprises website [external link].

Where can I purchase the products containing BARLEYmax grain?

For up-to-date information about where to buy products containing BARLEYmax grain, please visit the BARLEYmax Enterprises website [external link].

Where can I find further information about the currently available products containing BARLEYmax grain?

These products are not manufactured by CSIRO. More information about the range of products containing BARLEYmax grain is available from the manufacturer of the respective products. Please visit the BARLEYmax Enterprises website [external link] to check the list of currently available products and to access contact details for the product manufacturers.

Who is growing BARLEYmax grain in Australia?

BARLEYmax Enterprises has licensed Austgrains Pty Ltd to manage the production and supply of BARLEYmax grain to Australian and New Zealand food manufacturers. More information can be found at the Austgrains website [external link].

Does BARLEYmax grain contain gluten?

All barley contains gluten. Therefore products containing BARLEYmax grain are not suitable for people with coeliac disease.

Is BARLEYmax grain genetically modified?

No. BARLEYmax grain has been developed using conventional plant breeding techniques.

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BARLEYmax™ is a registered trademark of BARLEYmax Enterprises and is used under licence.