Interior of a house showing flood damage.

There is extensive flood damage to the interior of this house.

CSIRO's online Flood Damage Advisor service

CSIRO's Flood Damage Advisor is an online web based tool that provides the user information of a number of common building fabric and material problems that occur after a flood.

  • 4 February 2011 | Updated 14 October 2011


CSIRO staff have investigated the cause of ongoing damage to dwellings in flood in Victoria and NSW and have noted a number of common features.

Despite the best efforts of householders a combination of trapped moisture, mud, lack of ventilation or hidden pathways for damp can cause ongoing problems.

The advisor highlights a number of these problems, indicates their cause and provides advice on how to rectify them.

For information on how to repair and clean a building immediately after a flood please refer to Repairing flood damaged buildings.

Using Flood Damage Advisor

Flood Damage Advisor can be used to compile a Print Summary of flood damage problems and the information required to rectify or repair them.

Below are some basic instructions on using Flood Damage Advisor.

  1. Hover your mouse over the image and select an area of the house by clicking on the highlighted problem. You can also click the Problem List link at the top right hand side to view a list of all problems.
  2. Create your Print Summary by clicking the Add to print summary link at the top of each problem page, or by checking the box next to the problems you want to select from the Problem List.
  3. When you have reviewed the information and added relevant problems to your summary, use the Print Summary button to view a page with all the problems you have selected.
  4. Use the print icon to print out your summary.


This Flood Damage Advisor is intended to provide basic general information and advice in relation to flood damage, cleaning and repair. 

The information provided does not have regard to individual circumstances and does not purport to be exhaustive or complete. 

CSIRO does not warrant that the information is accurate, reasonable or complete, and to the maximum permitted by law, excludes all liability arising in relation to the information or its use. 

The information is not a substitute for professional advice, and before taking or omitting to take any action based on the information provided, professional advice (including from qualified tradespersons, such as builders, electricians and plumbers) should be sought, and safety precautions should be assessed. 

Cleaning and repair works may require compliance with laws and regulations (including requirements for obtaining building permits). The legal notice and disclaimer applicable to CSIRO websites applies.

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