The Murray River winding into the distance with grasses and river red gums lining the banks.

Effective use of environmental water will help protect iconic species along the River Murray. Photo: Ian Overton

The science of providing water solutions for Australia

This booklet highlights CSIRO's science to provide water solutions for Australia. (36 pages)

  • 12 March 2010 | Updated 19 October 2012

CSIRO scientists are providing the scientific basis for irrigation companies, water managers and governments to develop policy and make informed decisions to ensure Australia's valuable water resources are sustainably managed.

In this booklet, you will see that CSIRO is delivering research results that have, and will, inform water resource management decisions, and reduce the uncertainty associated with these decisions.

Our research will also provide enabling technologies that will allow Australians to realise the full benefits from current and future public and private investment in water.

Learn more about CSIRO's water science in the book Water: Science and Solutions for Australia.