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Climate change is emerging as one of the most profound challenges of the coming decades.

Adaptation science: Opportunities and responses to climate change impacts

CSIRO is conducting research to help Australia address the challenges in adapting to climate change by providing the scientific basis to support sound adaptation decisions. (32 pages)

  • 31 August 2010 | Updated 10 September 2013

CSIRO, through the Climate Adaptation Flagship, is taking a national leadership role in addressing the challenges of adapting to climate change. This research is part of a three-way approach to understand the Earth's climate system, identify ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change.

This booklet highlights current adaptation research investigating:

  • climate information needed to make decisions
  • identifying the social and economic impediments to adaptation
  • planning, design, infrastructure and management solutions to help Australia's cities and coasts adapt to a changing climate
  • adaptation options to protect Australia's marine and terrestrial species, ecosystems and the services they provide
  • new technologies and management solutions for Australia’s primary industries at a range of scales
  • developing innovative approaches to implement these options
  • solutions to improve water security and water use efficiency in Australia's cities and rural communities.

Our researchers provide the scientific basis to support sound adaptation decisions made by government, industry and communities. In doing so we aim to minimise the negative consequences of climate change and climate variability and take advantage of any new opportunities that may arise.

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